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Harvest of Gold

By Tessa Afshar


An arranged marriage. A man whose heart is closed to love. A king whose life hangs in the balance. A nation on the brink of annihilation. Sarah and Darius's story continues in this long-awaited sequel to Harvest of Rubies. Fighting impossible odds, Sarah and Darius have to overcome the enemy against the king, against Jerusalem, against their marriage, and against their souls. Will they finally learn to love and trust one another? The prophet Nehemiah tries to help the struggling couple while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. The only problem is that he comes under constant attack. Will he overcome?

Book Takeaway:

Life can be a battlefield. Your job, your relationships, your heart, your destiny. They can all be under a barrage of what feels like assault. What do you do to face the battles of life and come out victorious? How do you overcome? Harvest of Gold deals with that question.


Year Title Description
2014 The Christy Historical Romance

Why the author wrote this book:

The fans really wanted to know what happened to Darius and Sarah! And I wanted to write about the incredible life lessons we learn from Nehemiah as he rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem.


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