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Ain't Misbehaving

By Marji Laine


Annalee Chambers: Poised, wealthy, socially elite.

True, Annalee’s crime amounted to very little, but not in terms of community service hours. Her probation officer encouraged her with a promise of an easy job in an air-conditioned downtown environment. She didn’t expect her role to be little better than a janitor at an after-school daycare in the worst area of town. Through laughter and a few tears, Annalee finds out that some lessons are learned the hard way, and some seep into the soul unnoticed.

Carlton Whelen hides behind the nickname of CJ so people won’t treat him like the wealthy son of the Whelen Foundation director. Working at the foundation’s after-school program delights him and annoys his business-oriented father. When a gorgeous prima donna is assigned to his team, he not only cringes at her mistakes but also has to avoid the attraction that builds from the first time he sees her.

Book Takeaway:

AIN'T MISBEHAVING encourages acceptance:
of things that can't be changed.
of people who are different.
of lessons learned.
of oneself.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was inspired when I led music a few times for a local Good News Club. What an amazing ministry! Over the course of the next few months, the experience grew into an idea for a daily afterschool program in one of the poorest areas of my hometown, and the story took wing from there.


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