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Grime Spree (Grime Fighter Mystery Series) (Volume 3)

By Marji Laine


What begins as a romantic evening, the first in far too long, collapses into yet another crime scene. However, this one has someone involved who is familiar to Dani. Too familiar. And worse, he recognizes her. Jay’s new promotion has increased his working hours considerably, as well as interrupted and cancelled more than one date with Dani. His attempt to make it up to her at one of the nicest restaurants in the area backfires when the place is robbed. But the biggest problem is that Dani seems to be in on the crime.

Book Takeaway:

Though we are destined to endure the consequences of our actions, we're not defined by our past.

Why the author wrote this book:

Dani's history is beginning to catch up with her. This story has lasting effects on the finale of this series.


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