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Grime Family (Grime Fighter Mystery Series) (Volume 4)

By Marji Laine


Meeting the parents can be murder. For Dani Foster that’s a literal statement, and there’s little chance her boyfriend’s parents will ever warm up to her. Not after what she uncovers. After dating for several months, it’s only natural that Jay Hunter should want his girlfriend to meet his family. But Dani’s curious nature and extraordinary observation skills can’t be turned off. Not even for his parents. Their secrets aren’t her doing, and the fact that she unearths them aren’t her intentions, so why is she openly hated? His parents’ obvious dislike for the lady he loves leaves Jay with a terrible decision. Does he accept their counsel and give up this woman who has meant so much to him, or does he return to Dallas with Dani and never look back? Or is there some way the problems can be resolved without destroying either relationship?

Book Takeaway:

People are rarely exactly as they seem to be. Good aren't perfect and bad are always pure evil.

Why the author wrote this book:

While I'd intended Dani and Jay's story to comprise only 4 novellas, the tale of her meeting the folks was too juicy to skip!


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