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Quest For The City Of Havilah

By Ian Atchison


Following the sinking of a ship and its mysterious cargo in the Indian Ocean, Reverend Mark Nolan is confused as the FBI focuses its attention on him and a series of break-ins at his home and office in rural Florida. When an agent is shot inside his home, however, he begins to wonder if an international conspiracy is afoot—and if the assassin's bullet was intended for him.He assembles an unlikely team to follow him on a quest for an ancient lost city after becoming convinced that he has received a divine call to action—a call that comes delivered in a handwritten note attached to a vase of flowers.

Book Takeaway:

I am a writer, not a minister, so I offer no preachy undercurrent in these stories. I am, however, a Christian, and one of the central characters is a Methodist minister who frequently counsels those around him. He gives pretty good advice.

Why the author wrote this book:

I found it an intriguing idea to write stories set in modern times, exploring how the world at large—both the Christian and non-Christian communities—would react to the finding of physical, archaeological evidence that proved biblical accuracy.


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