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The Dragon Theory: Ian Atchison

By Ian Atchison


Following an earthquake in eastern Turkey, Carrianne finds herself trapped in the village of Dagri. The quake has left a trail of devastation: NATO has lost a top-secret Predator drone, an ancient skeleton has been unearthed, and a body has disappeared from the morgue.
As archaeologists and investigators descend upon the tiny village, only Carrianne, a fifteen-year-old kleptomaniac, is astute enough to see the single thread that links all these events together. But now Carrianne is missing.
When her guardian, Reverend Mark Nolan, teams up with FBI Special Agent Martin Townes to investigate her disappearance, it soon becomes evident that the sleepy town of Dagri hides many secrets. There are questions that must be answered, but whether it's the locals' inherent suspicion of strangers, the Turkish Gendarmerie's resentment of outside interference, or NATO's diplomatic choreography, the result is the same—dead silence.
Forced into an uneasy alliance with a clandestine group of bloodthirsty villagers, Townes and Nolan push forward in an investigation that leads from Mount Ararat to the cradle of mankind.
Time is running out, and their only clue is a cryptic note hastily scrawled in the missing girl's diary just minutes before she disappeared: "OMG! Have I seen the devil?"

Book Takeaway:

Every reader of fiction should leave with a "Wow! That was awesome!" -type feeling. But if he or she also walks away with an interest in Scripture as a result, then the author has moved from merely talented to relevant. That is my ultimate goal.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love reading, both adventure/suspense-type fiction and the Bible, and it occurred to me one day that a marriage of these two unlikely partners would be a fascinating read. I have taken some of the most interesting historical facts from biblical passages and woven modern stories of intrigue around them. I wrote "The Dragon Theory," my first book, not only as a way to tell a great story, but also as a way to bring a biblical truth to the forefront of discussion.


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