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Ingrid's Engagement: How A Beauty Tamed A Beast (Fairetellings) (Volume 3)

By Kristen Reed


When King Viggo marches through the kingdom of Schlagefilde in a relentless quest for retribution against its wicked king, the Count of Anselm attempts to make peace with him. As the two strike a deal that will protect the people of Anselm, the King of Villriket becomes enthralled with a portrait of the Count’s oldest daughter, Ingrid. The vengeful king vows that he will leave Edmund’s county in peace if he will allow him to marry Ingrid. To prevent her father from incurring the sovereign’s wrath, the young lady hastily agrees and enters into an unforeseen engagement with the grim ruler.Ingrid’s Engagement tells the enchanting tale of a beautiful young woman who softens the hardened heart of a beastly king with nothing more than her quiet wisdom and gentle spirit.

Book Takeaway:

Repentance comes with godly sorrow and awareness of sin, not the desire to impress another person.

Why the author wrote this book:

As a childhood fan of the original Beauty and the Beast story, I wanted to see what a story of radial transformation would look like if it took place in the real world where a man's beastly nature is due to his sin and not a curse. Ingrid's Engagement explores how a Christian woman deals with her unexpected fiance's brokenness and how he's finally transformed from a "beast" into a "man."


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