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The Heart of a Harlot

By Kristen Reed


As Jericho falls, her faith rises. After spending over a decade prostituting in Jericho, Rahab has a vision of rubble and death that shakes her awake both from her sleep and from her self-destructive lifestyle. As news of the Israelites’ victory over the Amorites spreads, the people’s hearts melt with terror while hers fills with hope in the God who leads them. And the arrival of two Israelite spies ushers in a new era in Rahab’s life where her newfound faith is tested and rewarded in ways she never could have imagined. Includes study questions suitable for group discussion or individual study.

Book Takeaway:

My hope is that women who read this will realize that their identity isn't found in their past infamy or present struggles but in our Savior Jesus Christ. Thanks to His death and resurrection, we are beloved, holy new creations, and there is no condemnation for us.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book was inspired by several years of serving in an anti-trafficking ministry, where I'm in regular contact with women who have prostitution and other types of impurity and brokenness in their pasts. Between hearing their struggles with shame as well as having the same sentiments echoed by several friends who, like me, didn't grow up in Christian homes, I decided to write a story to combat those lies using one of the most talked about women from the Bible as the protagonist.


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