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Out of the Garden

By Kristen Reed


The Miracle of Life. The Agony of Sin.Created from a rib by God's powerful hands, she awakens in paradise with a song of praise on her lips and jubilation in her heart. In the breathtaking Garden of Eden, she lives a joyful, contented life working alongside her devoted husband, Adam, and resting contentedly in her creator's presence. Charged with the responsibility of collecting fruit for their meals, she spends her mornings strolling through the aromatic greenery with chirping, roaring, and hissing companions. However, when one crafty animal makes the woman question her husband's instructions not eat from a forbidden tree, she sets in motion a chain of events that change not just her life but also the course of history forever.Discover the remarkable story of life in the Garden of Eden from the perspective of the woman who gave birth to the human race and to the first and deadliest sin.Includes study questions and Bible references for readers who want to dive deeper individually or with their small groups.


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