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Chasing Freedom: The Prequel (Against All Enemies) (Volume 3)

By H. L. Wegley


How far would you be willing to go if you were chasing freedom?
When Allie Santiago, international scholar at Oregon State University, and her family are captured and labor trafficked by the same drug cartel that drove her father from Mexico, she learns the cartel thugs plan to sell her to human traffickers. Allie escapes, running a marathon through the mountains of Northern California, and collapses in the arms of Jeff Jacobs, a disgraced Olympic decathlete who wants to regain both his honor and his former glory. When Jeff's actions engage the FBI and US Marshals to protect Allie and free her family from the cartel, a war breaks out in the mountains along the Oregon-California border.
Will Jeff's efforts enable the two to survive and their budding relationship to grow? Not unless he can keep Allie and her family out of the black hole known as asylum detention. And the reward he now seeks for his efforts, Allie's love, might evaporate like his dream of Olympic gold once Allie learns about Jeff's scandalous past.
Chasing Freedom, a modern-day story of honor and courage, faith and love, and the importance of family.

Book Takeaway:

God is a good, good Father who will not desert us even though we complain because we do not understand what He is orchestrating.

Why the author wrote this book:

I felt led to write about a little explored immigration issue, asylum law and its application to persecuted people. Chasing Freedom exposes the sad state of immigration law, as practiced today in America.


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