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No Turning Back

By H. L. Wegley


When a young man much like her dead father offers her protection, will trusting him bring another massacre, one that takes her life too?
Elizabeth (Beth) Sanchez, daughter of the man who formed a militia and drove out the Del Rio Cartel, was the lone survivor after drug lord, Hector Suarez, retaliated, massacring the people in her town. Seven years later, Beth has an MBA, American citizenship, and is ready to chase her dreams. While on a Big Bend hiking excursion, Beth encounters Suarez who is bent on killing the one remaining symbol of resistance to his power, Beth Sanchez.
After once being called a coward, Drew West has a mile-high chip on his shoulder and an impressive resume of fighting skills. He's ready to fight anybody, anywhere, especially if someone needs protection. When Suarez tries to kill Beth in Big Bend, Drew humiliates the drug lord and captures Suarez's little brother, Ricardo, and Hector Suarez places Beth and Drew at the top of his hit list.
When a federal prosecutor offers Beth and Drew protection for their testimony against Ricardo, Beth fears a safe house cannot stop another massacre. But Drew offers her a different option, his protection on a horse ranch half a continent away. But if Beth accepts Drew's offer, there will be no marshal protection and No Turning Back.
Set near Big Bend National Park and in Central Oregon, near the Deschutes River, No Turning Back is a high-action, romantic-suspense story about love, courage, and the futility of human vengeance.

Book Takeaway:

No matter how deep the hurt and wrongful the act that inflicted it, vengeance belongs to God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I read about a horrific event in Mexico that went unpunished and uninvestigated, the Allende Massacre. That sparked an idea for a story about the futility of human vengeance, even in circumstances so harsh that revenge seems justified.


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