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Voice of Freedom (Against All Enemies) (Volume 2)

By H. L. Wegley


Silver Medal Winner, Reader's Favorite Awards

All eyes are on America as the nation writhes under a tyrant's grip.
Six Americans who spawned a resistance movement against tyrant, Abe Hannan, are hiding on the Israeli coast. Steve Bancroft, an Army Ranger protecting the other five Americans, is drawn to Julia Weiss, who reminds him of the twin sister who died under his protection. Julia, a petite woman with strengths that belie her stature, has horrific images of war etched on her mind, making Steve the kind of person her pacifist thinking rejects.President Abe Hannan, in a stalemate with the insurgents, gambles to crush the heart of the resistance, Brock Daniels, KC Banning, and their four friends, in a winner-takes-all battle determining the future of America. If Steve and Julia survive, can they overcome the demons from their past and find hope for their future?Voice of Freedom is an action-packed political thriller set in the immediate future, a story spanning the globe from Israel to Canada and from Washington DC to Oregon, a story for the time in which we live, a story of faith, hope, courage, and love.

Book Takeaway:

God has spoken to every area of life and human endeavor and from his Word we build our worldview. But one missing or wrong stone in the foundation of our worldview can wreak havoc with our lives until we align our beliefs with God's word.


Year Title Description
2017 Silve Medal Winner Reader's Favorite Award - Christian Thriller

Why the author wrote this book:

God says over and over in His word that he stands against oppression. Living in fallen world sometimes requires us to defend ourselves and the weak against oppressors. This book was also written to complete the series narrative, showing what it would take to undo the rending of America and restore it to a moral nation founded on Biblical principles.


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