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The Final Ride: A Circle Bar Ranch Novel (2)

By Linda W Yezak


She wants to begin her new life in Texas, but her family wants her back in New York.He wants to return to the rodeo circuit, but he promised her he wouldn't.With her duties for her best friend's wedding finally behind her, Patricia Talbert looks forward to discovering what "normal" will look like at her new home in Texas. She owns the Circle Bar Ranch, is in love with its foreman, and is ready to assume her duties. Discovering what those duties entail isn't an easy feat for a displaced socialite from Manhattan. But when her aunt Adele arrives on a mission to coax her back to New York, Patricia's primary duty is to deflect the bumbling and bullish attempts-until one of Adele's tricks takes her by surprise.All of Talon Carlson's dreams for the Circle Bar are coming true, along with another dream he never expected to be fulfilled-a chance to love again. Patricia is everything he ever wanted and more. But after his last event sent him to the ER, he promised to quit bull riding for good, a promise he may have to break. His desire for a better end to his riding career is intensified by vicious rumors about why he quit. If he rides again, he will provide the ammunition Adele needs to make Patricia leave. If he doesn't, he'll prove the gossips right.Patricia or Talon. Which one will take The Final Ride?Sequel to the 2011 Grace Award winner, Give the Lady a Ride.

Book Takeaway:

Communication is vital in relationships.


Year Title Description
2017 Texas Association of Authors Best in Christian Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

Fun sequel to Give the Lady a Ride


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