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The Cat Lady's Secret

By Linda W. Yezak


Emily Taylor loves to help people, loves to ease their burdens and make their dreams come true. But when a conman ruins her reputation, she discovers that helping others is safer and easier from behind the scenes. When one of Emily's gifts captures the attention of an avid journalist, her identity as the town's anonymous benefactor-and her renewed relationship with her high school sweetheart-are threatened. As her private life begins to unravel, she realizes the one hope for regaining control lies behind prison walls.

Book Takeaway:

(1) We are to forgive each other, as God forgives us. (2) Everyone deserves a second chance. (3) We must confront our issues from the past and not carry their burden into the future.


"A delightful read with a message too. What could be better?"
- Ane on September 14, 2014

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