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Lily's Plight

By Sally Laity, Dianna Crawford


Lily Harwood always considered herself a good Christian lass. But after years of serving the Waldon family, and despite the fact that she loves them dearly, her life has grown increasingly difficult and frightening. Daily she watches Susan Waldon's health deteriorate, and with John Waldon away with the militia, protecting them from attack by the French and Indians, Lily is responsible for the entire farmstead.
Ever since John's last child was born over four years ago, he's had to watch helplessly as his beloved wife suffers with a mysterious and debilitating illness. And because of the drawn-out conflict, he's torn between wanting to be with his family and knowing that thwarting the enemy on the frontier is the best way to protect them.
But when he returns home on a short furlough, both John and Lily face a deeper, more profound plight. They find themselves falling in love. Caught between passion and sorrow in harrowing times, their only hope lies in the promises of God.

Book Takeaway:

Faith in God's abiding presence and faithfulness keeps us strong during the storms of life.

Why the author wrote this book:

We wrote this story to honor the valiant souls who established our amazing country.


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