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To Walk In Sunshine

By Sally Laity


Danger is a daily reality of Ken Roberts and the European immigrant families who scratch out a living in the deep coal mines of Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania.
Nestled in a camp of Lebanese immigrants, Rosalind Gilbran lives with her peddler grandfather and healer grandmother. In a chance meeting in a mountain forest, Ken and Rosalind meet and form a friendship, and Ken gives the petite gypsy a Bible and tells her about his Savior.
When Rosa's grandparents discover she has been secretly meeting a 'coal cracker,' they arrange a hasty marriage contract for Rosa to a cruel, hot-tempered man. Rosa's only desire is to run away...but when Ken finds her in the woods, he convinces her that the right thing to do is to return to her grandparents...even if his advice means he'll lose Rosa forever.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book was written in honor of my father-in-law, who labored for years as a supervisor in the coal mines.


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