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Mariah's Quest

By Sally Laity, Dianna Crawford


Mariah Harwood, one of three indentured sisters, stands on a Baltimore auction block in 1753. The dashing young gentleman who buys her just may be her ticket to marriage, wealth, and freedom. Once in Colin Barclay's possession, Maria grows to realize her pursuit won't be as easy as she planned.
Colin Barclay is as charming and rash as Mariah is reckless. He willingly outbids the other men for Mariah's indenturement papers, but as he claims the grateful beauty, her overbearing sister dampens his anticipation by making him solemnly promise to deliver Mariah untouched to his family's plantation. Undeterred, Colin welcomes the challenge of seducing Mariah--no strings attached.
But best-laid plans soon go awry when Colin is wounded in battle. As he faces a world of bitterness, Mariah finds she needs more than charm to win his heart. Can she summon the inner beauty and faith to prove her love?

Book Takeaway:

True beauty comes from inside, and true love comes from God.

Why the author wrote this book:

In honor of the valiant souls who risked everything to establish our amazing country.


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