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Two Destinies-Book III-The Secrets of the Cross Trilogy

By Elizabeth Musser


Faith and love could cost them everything
When Rislène Namani meets Eric Hoffmann in 1994 France, the spark between them ignites a firestorm of trouble. She fears the repercussions from her staunchly Muslim family for her attraction to a Christian. Yet Eric captures her heart. More than that, his faith captures her soul—a faith she comes to embrace. And it all stirs up a wasps’ nest of danger, mystery, and love that could cost her everything, even her life.
The risk is real, especially when Rislène’s family discovers her secret. Eric must save her from a forced marriage in Algeria. As the civil war in Algeria escalates in the midst of Ramadan, and poverty and social ills in France boil over, their lives become as tumultuous and uncertain as the world around them. Clinging to faith, they fight a battle as contemporary as today’s headlines.

Book Takeaway:

Opening in the south of France in November 1994, Two Destinies is the story of the next generation in the Secrets of the Cross saga. Rislène Namani, French-born daughter of Algerian parents, has committed the unpardonable sin; she has not only fallen in love with a Christian, she has embraced his faith. Must Eric Hoffman let her go? Or can he persuade his family to rescue the woman he loves from repercussions that could result in her forced marriage to another—or even in her death? His half sister, Ophélie Duchemin, is sympathetic. Thirty-eight and single, a successful professor and playwright living in Montpellier, Ophélie will help . . . but faces ghosts of her own past that keep her from the life she longs for.

Why the author wrote this book:

I find the issue addressed in this novel more timely and relevant to Americans than when I first wrote it in 1998. Ever since 9-11, Americans have become much more aware of the Muslim world. In the trilogy, I tackle faith questions and issues which Americans now read about and see on the daily news.


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