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The Dwelling Place

By Elizabeth Musser


A journey into forgiveness, hope, and healing.

‘Sometimes the breaking of things is cruel, and sometimes it is necessary, and sometimes it is just an accident...’ At twenty, Ellie Bartholomew knows a lot about broken things.

She loves Atlanta, baseball and animals. But she doesn’t much like her family, and especially not her mother, artist Mary Swan, whom she accuses of having a ‘perfect life.’ The only reason Ellie agrees to travel with her mother to a site in Scotland known as the Dwelling Place is because Mary Swan has just come through six months of chemo.

When her mother’s medical condition worsens, instead of going to Europe, Ellie reluctantly moves back home to help care for her. As she and her mother struggle to reconnect, Ellie wonders if there is a dwelling place for her and if so, does she have to travel halfway around the world to find it.


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