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All That Glitters

By Lynette Sowell


When Francesca Wallingford first meets Count Philippe de la Croix, he turns her head. But then an old friend, Alfred Finley, returns to the society that scorned him years ago. A summer in Newport, Rhode Island, with its sequence of balls and cotillions, pits both men in a quest for Francesca’s hand. But what role does love and honor play when Francesca’s mother has her own agenda for her daughter to become a countess?


Year Title Description
2010 Finalist, Carol Awards Short Historical

Why the author wrote this book:

I love New England and I've always been fascinated by the Gilded Age. The mansions of Newport and their elite society were unrivaled in their time. I imagined a debutante, facing a forced engagement and all the entrapments thereof. No amount of money could buy her, or her family, true freedom.


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