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The Sweetheart of Starlight

By Lynette Sowell


Tamarind Brown knows barbecue.

She also knows how to run a restaurant, even if The Pit is a bit shabby around the edges and needs renovation. Her parents loaned the money for her dream, and her employees rely on her. Her place is a local favorite in Starlight, Texas. So why is she losing money?

Rick Mantovani knows pasta. His successful Italian restaurants on the East Coast take up all his time and energy. But he wants to conquer barbecue, and the place to prove himself is in the heart of Texas. The fact that Starlight is also the home of a beautiful, green-eyed barbecue champion doesn’t hurt. Rick’s recipe lost to Tamarind’s on the summer competitive barbecue circuit, but maybe now they can help each other instead of competing at the grill.

As their friendship grows, Rick visits Tamarind’s church to do a little business networking. He’s never had much time for God, and when tragedy strikes Starlight, Rick must wrestle with his lack of faith. Why pray when God has the power to take away everything? Can Rick learn to trust God even when bad things happen?


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