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Sundays in Fredericksburg

By Lynette Sowell, Eileen Key, Connie Stevens, Marjorie Vawter


Come on down to Fredericksburg, Texas, where four generations of couples encounter romance in Sunday Houses. Having become a schoolteacher to avoid marriage, Amelia Bachman finds her resolve crumbling before a smitten carpenter. Determined not to fall in love, Mildred Zimmermann carefully nurses an army medic crippled in love and war. Somewhat of a homebody, Trudy Meier isn’t sure she has the courage to love a roving reporter. Gwendolyn’s beautiful wildflower field is threatened by a geologist’s search for knowledge. Will these four women risk their hearts for the love a stranger?


"This book covers 4 different generations of the same family and revolves around a "Sunday house" in Fredericksburg, Texas. I liked all 4 stories, and the characters were great. I love collections like"
- Susan on June 17, 2015

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