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Natasha Woodcraft

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Natasha Woodcraft lives near Cambridge, UK, with her husband, four (extra) boys, a spotty dog and a tank of misbehaving fish. She holds a first-class honours degree in Theology from the University of London and is passionate about communicating the love of God and truths about Jesus Christ to the world through writing and music.

Natasha is the author of The Wanderer Series – biblical fiction set in ancient times – and is currently writing The Tower on the Plain, a fantasy series for Young Adults. She has released several Christian Songs, including Plan for the World, Glorious Trinity and The Potter.

Natasha is a member of the UK-based Association of Christian Writers, the American Christian Fiction Writers and the Christian Independent Publishers Association. She blogs on her website @ Writes, Wrongs and Songs.

Books by Author

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The Wanderer Reborn

Can hope triumph in the aftermath of murder? Reeling from the shock of Havel’s murder, Awan doesn't know how she will ever recover. Kayin’s action torments her. As the years pass, and her younger siblings move on with their lives, she is left behind feeling bitter and lonely. Will she ever learn…

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The Wanderer Scorned

The Wanderer is a man shrouded in legend. Moving from place to place in the land of Nod, he is known primarily for the curse that hangs over his life. When that curse is invoked during the celebration of a murderous rampage, The Wanderer is summoned to tell his story. Few know the truth of the tale…

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