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The Wanderer Reborn

By Natasha Woodcraft


Can hope triumph in the aftermath of murder?

Reeling from the shock of Havel’s murder, Awan doesn't know how she will ever recover. Kayin’s action torments her. As the years pass, and her younger siblings move on with their lives, she is left behind feeling bitter and lonely. Will she ever learn to forgive and find healing?

Then Awan makes a terrible error which threatens to break up what remains of her fractured family. That same day, her God calls her to undertake a radical journey. A journey that will test her faith and force her to face all her darkest fears.

Book Takeaway:

“The commitment to forgive him was one thing; I knew the reality of living with that commitment would take all my strength. Yet the knowledge that I was sinful too had undoubtedly changed me.”

Why the author wrote this book:

The Wanderer Reborn explores the grief, loss, and anger brought about by one of the most famous crimes in history. How does a family recover from the loss of two beloved sons? Especially when one has taken the life of the other? Is forgiveness and reconciliation possible? Is anyone beyond the scope of God’s great love and redemptive power? I wrote this book to discuss all these themes, hoping that the power of storytelling will encourage many to forgive well and love their forgiver more.


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