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Marlene Worrall

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Screenwriter/actor/speaker/ contemporary mystery fiction and contemporary. Memoir 'On Fire for God.' Soon to be released.
Adapted my debut novel 'Angel in Shining Armor' for the screen.
Also adapted 'From the Cartel to Christ' by Jack Rausch for the screen.
Declined an offer on one of my screenplays. Working on selling them.

Books by Author

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Mystery of Bedford House

Suzie Allen returns home from Paris, cutting her art sabbatical short upon learning that her beloved Aunt Tally, with whom she shared the Bedford House mansion, has died under mysterious circumstances. Suzie suspects foul play. Long-time, eccentric, live-in housekeeper Effie Clarke has fled, taking…

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Kentucky Miracles

Dana and Graham Van Rensellier are determined that their colt Firelight FANCY WILL win the Kentucky Derby. but when Dana becomes pregnant with male twins only a couple months before the big day, Graham wonders if she can keep up the grueling training schedule. Determined to win, despite morning sickness…

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Angel in Shining Armor

Nineteen year-old Ayita High-Eagle is devastated from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of her alcoholic and promiscuous Mom. Life on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Washington has become unbearable. Ayita's carefully staged suicide attempt is thwarted and the superantural appearance of an angel becomes…

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love Found in Manhattan

When Tiffany Vandermeer's adoptive parents' Cessna 52 crashes on Christmas Eve morning, she is devastated. Shocked, she wanders around the Big Apple in a snow storm, soon discovering a discarded infant wailing in a garbage bin. This find leads her into the arms of handsome pediatrician, Jason Prescott.…

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Kentucky Dreams

Dana is kidnapped. Graham suspects her step-mom Danielle is involved. Graham must raise three million for DANA'S release after he dried to dupe the kidnappers by giving them fake money. Now they want three million instead of one million. How can Graham raise the money to free her in time so she can…

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Kentucky Cowboy

Dana Lockhart walks away from her career as a show jumper when her brother Stefan is killed performing a show jump. Opening a real estate office specializing in horse farms in Bluegrass country, she meets handsome gentleman farmer Graham Van Rensellier and his two young sons, Will and Jay. recently…

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