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Mystery of Bedford House

By Marlene Worrall


Suzie Allen returns home from Paris, cutting her art sabbatical short upon learning that her beloved Aunt Tally, with whom she shared the Bedford House mansion, has died under mysterious circumstances. Suzie suspects foul play.
Long-time, eccentric, live-in housekeeper Effie Clarke has fled, taking her meagre belongings with her.
Upon learning that two escapees are rumored to be in the vicinity, Suzie flees to the nearby lakeside hotel. A chance meeting at breakfast with art collector and ex Sheriff, Rory Clifton, sets her heart racing. He is quite simply, the most fascinating, charming, surprising man she’s ever encountered. Will the mutual sparks between them ignite into lasting love?
Ryan is determined to help her solve the mysterious happenings in the ancient mansion. He accompanies her to the Bedford House, determined to assuage her fears about the haunted mansion and the escaped prisoners. Instead, they find themselves in the middle of the action.

Book Takeaway:

A tragedy can lead to new beginnings, romance and the uncovering of bizarre twists and turns, as the source of the strange noises in the attic are discovered, ushering in other strange and mysterious events.

Why the author wrote this book:

I've always been intrigued by creepy, ancient mansions and their occupants. Somehow the story wanted to be written and the characters edged their way into my mind bursting forth with life.


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