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Kentucky Miracles

By Marlene Worrall


Dana and Graham Van Rensellier are determined that their colt Firelight FANCY WILL win the Kentucky Derby. but when Dana becomes pregnant with male twins only a couple months before the big day, Graham wonders if she can keep up the grueling training schedule.
Determined to win, despite morning sickness and other obstacles, she and Jacob Perez, her jockey continue their brutal schedule starting at the wee hours of the morning daily at the track.
Graham, born into wealth and privilege, grew up in Houston. Embedded since childhood, is the mandate to be philanthropic. Despite his own financial woes, he is committed to donating the million dollar purse to Israel, should they win.

Book Takeaway:

When you give someone their miracle; you'll get yours.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was blessed to be a house guest at a Palm Beach mansion, during the time I lived in New York. I was fascinated with the lifestyle in Palm Beach and the people I hobnobbed with. I thought it would be fun to relive some of it and share it.


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