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The Contessa is Missing

By Linda Siebold


A bag of ice leads Contessa Selena Simmons-Carmichael Russell into the hands of an armed robber and kidnapper as Sam Russell falls prey to the robbery gone wrong. Sam can't help 'the trouble magnet' with his gunshot to the chest. She's missing and presumed dead as he fights for his life.

As the other partners in R & S Retrievals comb the Flint Hills for the missing contessa, Selena has to take matters into her own hands to survive. The only thing is she can't remember who she is.

Can a little girl's past intertwine with Selena's future? A bedtime story may make the difference between death and survival as two brothers have them on their radar.

This is the fourth book in the Contessa of Montaire series.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes children shouldn't be with their natural parent for their safety. They belong with someone who will love them and give them a good life.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the fourth book in the Montaire series. I wrote it because I needed to write about the family dynamics of a child who lived with her dying grandmother and Selena, my main character in the series, has the capacity to provide her with love and safety.


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