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Contessa in Disguise

By Linda Siebold


Selena Russell, Contessa Selena Carmichael-Simmons of Montaire, and her husband, Sam Russell, have returned to Montaire so Selena and the Council of Montaire can appoint a new council member. As candidates are chosen to interview, someone begins to target the members with deadly intent.

Lawrence Cardwell, the chairman of the council, is brutally attacked when he walks in on burglars in his home. The rest of the council are put under guard for their safety and the meetings are postponed. Selena goes undercover and poses as a computer teacher to help Theodora Smythe, her friend and the headmistress at the Brookside Academy, investigate why the students are afraid.

Selena's research puts her in the crosshairs of the burglars and with two of her students she uncovers the sinister plot against Brookside and Montaire. Can Sam find Selena and foil the plot with her help before the council and the principality are destroyed?

Contessa in Disguise is the third book in the Contessa of Montaire's series.

Book Takeaway:

Revenge is a powerful motivator, but sometimes it doesn't come from truth. Communication is key to those dealing with loss.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to explore the facets of family that have faced hardships with the loss of a family member.


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