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Cupcakes and Valor

By Linda Siebold


Callea Thompson is the co-owner of a cupcake and coffee shop. Her days are filled doing what she loves - baking cupcakes - until someone stalks her, the FBI has her under surveillance for fraud and murder, and an assassin has her in her sights.

Rob Jennings, an agent for Valor Investigations, calls Callea the cupcake lady. He is attracted to her but has to shove those feelings to the back burner to keep her safe. The only thing is...she thinks he's a jerk.

A horrific event from the past haunts Callea and her PTSD blocks her memories. Can Rob break through her defenses to help her shift through the nightmares and suppressed memories to find the truth before it's too late?

Book Takeaway:

There is always hope even it things look their worst.

Why the author wrote this book:

I became fascinated with PTSD when I read it wasn't diagnosed only for the military. It can happen to anyone going through a bad experience.


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