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The Contessa's Necklace

By Linda Siebold


Louella Carmichael, Contessa of Montaire, and her entire family were killed by assassination in 1973. One witness survived and escaped with Montaire's ruby succession necklace. In 2017, the necklace reappears in the eastern part of Kansas. Current contessa, Sophia DePaul, is close to death and when she dies, the council will once again name a new count or contessa to rule the principality, and gain control of four international conglomerates and other industries, as well as jewelry and other riches.
Selena Simmons specializes in researching financial reports, background checks, and family histories for the Aegis Research Library. With her high security clearance, she is well sought after by local, national, and international law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and corporations. When a tragic hit-and-run accident makes her research personal, she walks away from the agency. Someone from the past is targeting those close to her. She has to find the link that binds her to the Carmichael assassination before she becomes the next victim.
Sam Russell from R & S Retrieval Agency is hired to follow the two jewel thieves that have tracked the contessa's necklace to Kansas. They not only want the necklace, but control of the principality. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals, even murder, if anyone gets in their way. Selena Simmons is in their way, and Sam finds his skills and instincts tested to keep her safe.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes the legacy we leave our loved ones is full of mystery and suspense and the past influences our future.

Why the author wrote this book:

I loved telling my children 'Once Upon A Time' stories when they were little. This is a grown up one.


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