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Selena's Keepsake

By Linda Siebold


Selena Simmons, Contessa Selena Carmichael-Simmons of Montaire and Research Specialist at R & S Retrievals, has flown to Palm Keys, a resort in Florida with her friend, Haylie Stevens, for a destination wedding. On a whim she buys a puzzle box for a keepsake, not knowing that it is linked to a case that Michael Rickard, the newest partner at R & S has requested research.
Twelve-year-old Laura Townsend was abducted by her non-custodial father, Ethan Wright, a killer-for-hire. He uses her to draw in his victims as he works down his list. When she realizes he's killed people, Laura hides evidence against him in the box. She leaves it on the table at an outdoor market for Selena to find. But, as Selena works to solve the puzzle box, she and Haylie are in Wright's crosshairs.
Reynold Base, one of the members of the Montaire council, has been kidnapped and a second box is delivered to Selena with the directions for the ransom. It's up to her to research the link between the killings, kidnapping, and boxes. Can Sam Russell find Selena before she becomes the next victim of the man behind it all?
Selena's Keepsake is the second book in the Contessa of Montaire's series.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes a keepsake has a special meaning.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to keep the thread going from The Contessa's Necklace. I liked the characters there well enough to go on with their story.


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