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Montaire Under Siege

By Linda Siebold


The Backcover copy for Montaire Under Siege:

'Montaire will fall from within unless the contessa abdicates. If she doesn’t, the council will be destroyed one by one. She is not immune.'
As Selena Simmons-Carmichael Russell received the newest threat, a mysterious weapon that the garda have no defense against was stolen in Montaire. A new crime syndicate came to power.
Are the threat and weapon connected?

The new Biosecurity Institute required Selena's signature, so she and Cassie must go to Montaire without Sam. Can Selena keep them safe as attacks begin on the Montaire council?

Book Takeaway:

Selena's passion is to protect and serve the people of Montaire.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is a series about Selena Russell and it fits.


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