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Charm Artist

By Creston Mapes


Octavius Hunt: Refined & Talented Artist—
or Something Much More Sinister?
After the Portland terrorist attack, the kidnapping of his daughter, and the domestic violence case that almost killed him, Portland Police Investigator Wayne Deetz and his wife Joanie escape for a long overdue vacation in Sedona, Arizona, to make some monumental career decisions. When Joanie’s childhood friend, Suzanne, acts euphoric and distant, Deetz and Joanie become suspicious of her boyfriend, the beguiling millionaire artist Octavius Hunt.

The more Deetz and Joanie dig into Octavius’s corrupt and scandalous past—and his shady partnership with Mayor Marsden Maddox and entrepreneur Timmy Kondore—the darker and more twisted Suzanne’s reality becomes. When Wayne and Joanie dare to venture one step too far into Octavius’s sinister world of drugs and pleasure to find answers, they find themselves square in the madman’s crosshairs.


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