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By Creston Mapes


This time Hudson is in way over his head.

It all starts when investigative reporter Hudson Ambrose overhears an early morning call to the cops on his scanner. Something about an injured man at a bus stop along Las Vegas Boulevard. Hoping to scoop a story, Hudson hops in his car to check it out. Little does he know, he’s about to find something completely unexpected: a murdered homeless man with a bankbook showing a balance of almost one million dollars.
With sirens bearing down on the scene, Hudson needs to make a decision: wait for the police, knowing the money will get lost in reams of red tape, or swipe the checkbook and take the investigation—and maybe even a chunk of the change—into his own hands.
Hudson never dreamed this investigation could get this messy, or this bizarre for that matter. But the craziest connections are surfacing—a plane crash, an Atlanta business mogul and his dead wife, a Las Vegas pit boss, even a dirty cop. Just who was Chester Holte, what was he doing on the streets, and why are his homeless friends convinced he was really an angel in disguise?

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this at a time when I was too involved within the Church and not involved enough outside the doors. Therein lies the theme for NOBODY.


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