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Collapse: The Death of Honor

By Angela D. Shelton


In a collapsing society, former quarterback Caleb Worthington is no longer a teenager with a secret in his past, but a man searching for his future. But when a blackmailer uses his mistakes against him, his nightmares take over reality. Now, trying to safeguard everything the Worthingtons stand for, he’s finding out being a man is as much about one’s choices as actions—and his are putting his family at risk.

As the blackmailers up their game, his home-field advantage dwindles, and he can’t count on his teammates since even his best friend is acting the fool.

Unwilling to share the burden, despite how it’s affecting his family, can he find an honorable play once this “game” really kicks off? And what will it take for Caleb to come clean with those he loves?

Book Takeaway:

Honesty with those you love is the only way to go.

Why the author wrote this book:

Being honorable in today's world isn't easy. It's even more difficult for young adults. Should you be honest even if it hurts those you love?


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