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Collapse: The Death of Friendship

By Angela D. Shelton


In a collapsing society, former cheerleader Jan Worthington aches for the exciting—normal—life she’s lost. But when she invites a young boy into their home to fill an empty heart once full of friends, her trust leads to the theft of the family’s most valuable survival asset. Now, she can’t trust anyone.

As their situation grows more perilous, her father decides it’s time to protect what they have left. The guns come out, the traps get set, and Jan spurns all friendships to safeguard herself and her family.

When and who to depend on becomes harder to determine, so how will they defend themselves from the marauders headed their way if they are without friends? And what will it take for Jan to reopen her heart to trust?

Book Takeaway:

We all must find balance in protecting ourselves and our family at the same time as we share God's love.

Why the author wrote this book:

The issues with society and the current pandemic made me think of multiple "what if" scenarios. I live on a farm where we are working towards self-sufficiency. What if it was all taken to the extreme? I thought it made an interesting story.


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