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Lass and Found

By Sandra Orchard


Tourists from near and far are exploring every corner of Loch Mallaig, Michigan, much to the delight of the Scottish-themed town’s many merchants—including bakehouse owners Carol MacCallan, Laura Donovan, and Molly Ferris, who no longer feel like babes in the woods now that Bread on Arrival is a community staple. In addition to out-of-towners, The Bakehouse Three also welcome plenty of regular local customers, such as outdoors enthusiast Jeanette Franklin, who loves taking their fresh baked oatcakes on her long hikes through the bonny Michigan wilderness.

Unfortunately, tourist season veers into unnerving territory when Jeanette’s daughter, Annemarie, discovers that she and her adorable springer spaniel, Scout, are missing. Nearly frantic with worry, Annemarie engages Carol, Laura, and Molly’s help in locating her mother. At first, the women encourage Annemarie not to panic—Jeanette probably just went farther afield than usual on her latest hiking expedition. However, they all quickly realize that the longer Jeanette is gone, the more likely it is that disaster has struck.

Although it would be bad enough for Jeanette to have injured herself, evidence arises that her ties to a major business deal being brokered by her estranged husband could have made her a target for violence. Sensing the situation’s dire urgency, The Bakehouse Three map out a course of action that will hopefully bring Jeanette home safe.

Navigating tricky social terrain, the women organize a search party to comb nearby hiking trails, conservation areas, and other remote locations. But if they don’t find Jeanette off the beaten path, can they unearth clues to her true whereabouts before time runs out? Or is tracking down Jeanette Franklin simply a lost cause?


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