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The Hound and The Fury

By Sandra Orchard


A dog show has come to Pleasant Creek, and Liz Eckardt is hosting both two- and four-footed guests at the Olde Mansion Inn. Lucky for her; Liz’s old friend Amy is there to help handle the details. They’re decorating for Christmas, scenting the air with delicious treats and catching up on old times. A visit to the dog show seems like the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.

But fur is flying at the venue where the competition is being held. More than a few people are barking mad at one of the judges. It seems he has a predilection for pets of the toy variety, and the owners of the big dogs may not be getting a fair shake. When the judge goes belly-up, stabbed with Liz’s knife, Liz knows she must are into action. Someone’s committed murder in the first pedigree, but who?

Meanwhile, one of Liz’s guests has hightailed it out of town and the Pleasant Creek Police are on his trail. Chief Houghton has commanded Liz to stay away from the investigation, but she can’t seem to obey. Convinced her guest’s disappearance is not just a clever trick, she can’t help but nose around. Turns out the murdered man had more than one enemy willing to fight tooth and nail to see him dead–and some of them lie sleeping under Liz’s own roof.

Can Liz and her pack of pals, Amy, Beans, and the Material Girls, collar a criminal before more trouble is unleashed?


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