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More Than Sparrows

By Claire Spencerchristensen


Kate is at a crossroads. A lapse in judgement has her clashing with management at Westbrook Community Justice Service, her offer to accommodate a client in her own home breaching department regulations. Not only does this infuriate her team leader, but it provides the clever, charismatic department psychologist, Dr Paul Leeuwin, yet another opportunity to heap scorn on her world view and rubbish her belief in God.
The pressure increases when she dares to question a church leadership decision to fund an extension, seemingly ignoring needy families in the surrounding suburbs. Her concerns dismissed, she falls out with friends when she suggests the community could be better served if the money was spent on a parachurch organisation. In conflict at work and at odds with fellow believers, what is God trying to tell her?
On leave, volunteering with a local charity, the same friends who’d been offended by her comments in the past now approach her, wanting to further investigate the idea of setting up a ‘not-for-profit’ outreach centre. Things develop in a way she could never have envisaged and when Dr Paul Leeuwin arrives at her door in a distraught state, a new chapter opens in both their lives, with lasting ramifications.

Book Takeaway:

This book is about what can happens when followers of Jesus step out in faith.


Year Title Description
2019 Finalist(Unpublished Manuscript) Caleb Award (Omega Writers Inc.)

Why the author wrote this book:

When I left chaplaincy, I had insight into the way many Christians only socialise with other Christians, safe in the community of their churches, basically living in enclaves of believers, the work of evangelism left to others.


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