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Mercy's Legacy

By Sarah Hanks


After being released from prison, DeAndre struggles to make a new life for himself and his family. But when his past shows up in the doorway of his art studio, begging for a place in his heart and life, he is forced to make decisions that will alter his life forever.

Nine-year-old Mercy has questions no one will answer. That is, until her brother reveals that he knows the whereabouts of her birthfather. Is the man whose blood runs in her veins a bad man like her parents told her? Or a good one? Could he fulfill the longing in her heart to truly belong?

Natassa’s been hit with one heartache after another, and she’s finding it difficult to bounce back. She longs to keep her loved ones safe and secure, but her arms don’t seem big enough to shelter everyone. Not when COVID hits, and certainly not when her daughter takes off to meet her birth father. Will Natassa find the strength she needs to pull everyone through?

In 1868, Liberty’s safety is threatened by a band of night riders and she must flee for her life. Her mother—Mercy—pleads with her to find refuge with an old family friend and Liberty’s grandmother in Georgetown. What will Liberty find when she gets there? And will she find herself along the way?


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