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Mercy's Song

By Sarah Hanks


Natassa has settled into a "new normal" three years after the assault that changed her life. Marriage, family, and a new career have brought changes that she never thought were possible, and love like she'd never known before. But any semblance of peace shatters when a new development occurs in her case. Flooded with emotion she thought she'd long put to rest, Natassa must navigate strained relationships. Will she find the truth that can set her free?

DeAndre returns to Crawford County after dropping out of art school and finds an opportunity for romance. His past continues to haunt him, even as he and his new love seek to piece the broken shards of their lives together. Soon, a shocking discovery sends DeAndre reeling and forces him to choose between the woman he loves and his integrity. Will he end up losing everything or can he cling to hope despite it all?

In the 1840s, Mercy labors next to her mother in the rice fields and discovers a spark of affection growing between herself and Jonah, another slave. But Mama's health begins to fail, and the missus makes an announcement that will alter their lives forever. Will Mercy's plan to save them succeed? Or will they lose everything, including each other?

Mercy's Song is the second book in the Mercy Series after Mercy Will Follow Me.

Why the author wrote this book:

I live close to Ferguson, MO. When the city started burning, I went to a worship tent erected in the area to seek the Lord with others from my church and other churches. There, I went forward for an altar call for creatives. I believe the Lord planted the idea for this story series inside of me. I knew I had to add my voice as part of the solution to the turmoil swirling around me. Love bridging the divide. I wrote book 1 so that I could write book 2. This was the story on my heart.


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