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By Aubrey Taylor


It's 1938. Nineteen year old German-American Frederick Smith feels the call to his homeland. In spite of warnings from those closest to him, he boards a ship and crosses the ocean, stepping into the Germany of Hitler and the Nazis.

Though he tries to remain uninvolved in the terror that surrounds him, his thirst for adventure and friendship draws him into service in the German Army. As a medic, or “Sani,” he is a non-combatant, but as war breaks out, the actions of his comrades challenge him to question whether he can truly stand on his own beliefs.

Faced with inner conflict and the constant death that surrounds him, he comes to faith in Jesus Christ amidst a sleeping battalion following the Invasion of Poland in 1939. Afterwards, he is soon called by God to do much more than bandage wounds and try to bring soldiers comfort in their dying moments. Through this he learns that “Gott Mit Uns” still holds true for those who stand for Christ amidst great evil.

Book Takeaway:

God has placed a remnant in every generation. When we find ourselves in contrary circumstances, we too can continue to stand for what's right in each and every thing we put our hand to. And God WILL be glorified.

Why the author wrote this book:

God's mercy, grace and love are never ending. I wanted to display that against one of the darkest backgrounds in modern history. And, in spite of their infamous role in WWII, I have to admit to a fascination with the German Army. Not all of the men who served under the Nazi regime believed it's dogma, and in my heart I know that God has placed His remnant in all places and in every generation. It was fascinating to envision how a young medic who loved Jesus would've wound up serving alongside his chaplain as a battlefield priest: his struggles, his triumphs, and his love for his comrades.


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