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Stealth Insurgence (Nanostealth | Book 5)

By Vikki Kestell


Nanostealth | Book 5
Jayda and Zander are returning to Albuquerque, satisfied that they have completed the mission for which President Jackson called them to Washington DC. They are filled with hope for the future, bursting with joy for the unborn child Jayda carries, and keen to share the news of their blessing with those they love: Abe, Emilio, Dr. Bickel, Zander’s parents, and his sister, Izzie.

They arrive in Albuquerque on a notable date: the one-year anniversary of General Cushing’s attack on Dr. Bickel’s lab hidden within the tunnels of the old Manzano Weapons Storage Facility. It was the same attack that incited the nanomites to take up occupancy in Gemma Keyes—now Jayda Cruz —the extraordinary event that will continue to impact their lives forever.

But, for the first time in that long and often agonizing year, Jayda and Zander can let down their guard. No enemies pursue them, no plots to overthrow the country peek from just beyond the horizon. They relax into a normal life—as “normal” as life with the nanomites can be—finding work, making a home, growing in their faith, spending time with family over the holidays, and looking forward to the birth of their child around the end of April.

Their normal life lasts until January.

Not long into the New Year, the nanomites—ever vigilant and alert to the virtual world—become increasingly uneasy. They are unable to "put their fingers on" the source of their agitation, but whatever is happening, it is happening globally.

And they repeatedly tell Jayda and Zander, Jayda Cruz, Zander Cruz, Jesus has told us to protect you and the child. He says you have important work ahead of you. It is our job to watch over and safeguard your family.

What is the "important work" Jesus wants of Jayda and Zander? Why has Jesus spoken to the nanomites about this work, but not to them? And why are the nanomites increasingly alarmed for their safety?


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