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Frost Heaves and Falsehoods

By Michael James Emberger


Preston Knobscott is in desperate need of a fresh start and a new career after losing millions of dollars and his job in a risky investment scandal. He drives aimlessly north, hoping to escape the shame and disgrace of his life in New York City. By accident, he finds himself stranded in East Nowhere, New Hampshire, a snow-covered town where his cell phone has no service and the nearest Donut Dunkers is an hour away.Preston pretends to be a novelist in search of a quiet place to write, but word about him spreads through the town and he’s quickly mistaken as a best-selling author with the same name. As he grapples with the prospect of assuming this identity, he learns that his author counterpart is suspected of terrorist connections and has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Preston wants to come clean, but his choice becomes increasingly difficult with each missed opportunity.Trapped in a situation where the truth is not going to work, Preston needs to think of something better. He experiences love, loss, and wood stoves in this tiny New England town as the tale he spins gains national attention and sets events in motion that could put his liberty and life in grave danger. With outside forces converging on him and a colossal blizzard rolling in, will Preston be able to untangle his web of lies before it’s too late?


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