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You Bring the Coffee, I’ll Save the World

By Michael James Emberger


Dr. Gary Berg agrees to lead a college cross-cultural to Central America with Dr. Stenvick, a zany colleague whose reputation for low budget, physically grueling trips has made his expeditions unpopular among the faculty. These reservations aside, the trip affords Berg a perfect opportunity to visit a former student who’s sent him a cryptic plea for help. Curious as to what could be the problem, Berg embarks on Stenvick’s caffeine powered hiking tour to experience the natural wonders of Costa Rica. While Dr. Stenvick pushes his students to exhaustion on the trails, Dr. Berg learns of an invasive corn crop that is spreading wildly and ruining his former student’s research. Analysis of the corn leads to a secretive testing facility run by the Hallita Corporation, a GMO company that dominates the agricultural industry. Berg confronts the researchers and is soon fleeing for his life, having stumbled upon a plot more sinister than his gravest speculations.Dr. Berg relies on his scientific expertise and the assistance of a small band of compatriots to unravel the mystery behind Hallita’s plan and find a way to undo the damage they’ve inflicted. With time running out and the fate of the world hanging in the balance, can he find the answer before it’s too late?Set amidst the beautiful Costa Rican countryside, You Bring the Coffee, I’ll Save the World combines harrowing adventure, imaginative technology, theological inquiry, gourmet food, and excessive coffee consumption in a light-hearted foray into the dangers of unrestrained corporate power and corrupted philanthropy.


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