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Music, Murder and Small Town Romance

By KC Hart


Katy Cross, Skeeterville's favorite home health nurse, cannot figure out how her little band, The Moonlighters, snagged a spot in the town's yearly Battle of the Bands concert. But this mystery soon takes second fiddle when a body is found in the high school auditorium during practice for the competition.

After last year's brush with death, Katy is determined to focus on her music and keep her nose out of the investigation. But when the town sweetheart is thrown in the slammer, her friends start singing a different tune. Can Katy weed through all the town gossip to find the real killer? Or will another one of Skeeterville's citizens be taken home to glory?

Book two in the cozy mystery series from K.C. Hart follows the antics of amateur sleuth Katy Cross, along with her husband, her opinionated and very vocal elderly patients, and her band, The Moonlighters.

This humorous cozy mystery contains no foul language, no graphic gore or sex, but is full of lots of laughs, intrigue and Southern charm.

Book Takeaway:

Katy Cross, Skeeterville's favorite home health nurse must find the killer before her innocent friend is framed for a murder she didn't commit.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to provide a clean mystery with characters who lived Christian world values in their life.


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