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Medicine, Murder and Small Town Scandal

By KC Hart


When the meanest man in Skeeterville drops dead at his mailbox, no one suspects foul play until Katy Cross stumbles across a skeleton from his past... literally.

Trying to be a good neighbor lands Katy in the middle of a twenty-year secret crime spree, ran by one-man-mafia, Jack Redd. Jack spent his life using the dirt he had acquired on everyone to extort whatever suited his fancy-from money to favors.

Katy is determined to stay out of the investigation-her hands are full planning her daughter's Valentine's Day season bridal shower. But when her future son-in-law's mother becomes the main suspect, Katy has no choice but to get involved.

As some of Skeeterville's deepest secrets come to light, it becomes obvious that no one will be crying at Jack Redd's funeral. Can Katy clear the name of an innocent woman by solving the murder of the man everyone wanted dead?

A better question might be, is anyone in Skeeterville as innocent as they seem?

This humorous cozy mystery has no graphic gore, foul language, or sexual content. It is great for readers who enjoy southern charm and a Christian worldview.

Book Takeaway:

In Katy's quest to find a killer, she finds out that many of the people that she has known for years have things in their lives that they would rather not have known. Forgiveness and grace are needed by everyone.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to provide a clean mystery with characters who lived Christian world values in their life.


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