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Season of Change

By Cathe Swanson


Charlea Evans was a flower child on Serenity Hill when her hippie mother joined the Jesus People movement, changing their world forever. Thirty years later, Charlea’s a widow with a college-age daughter, finally building a respectable career for herself. When a house fire forces her to return to the old commune, she herself reluctantly milking goats and caring for a greenhouse full of poinsettias, trying to persuade her incorrigible mother to sell the farm and retire.

But her mom and daughter have big plans – plans that don’t include Charlea – and Drew Wallace is back in town, fifteen years after their dream date ended in disaster and embarrassment, helping them turn Serenity Hill into a tourist attraction, complete with sleigh rides, a gift shop, poinsettias and Christmas trees.

When snowflakes fall and the sleigh bells ring, can Drew and Charlea find a second chance for their own happily ever after?
Season of Change is the first book in the Serenity Hill series.


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