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Baggage Claim

By Cathe Swanson


Baggage Claim: a story of family and unexpected relationships, bundled in faith, and tied with the strings of suspense.What happens when a young man with a comfortable life decides to seek out his biological parents? For Ben Taylor, widower and father of four lively children, it means discovering a family tree with tangled roots and broken branches. The deeper he digs, the more Ben would rather cover it all up again and pretend he never met them.Things grow exponentially more complicated when he discovers shady dealings at his job at Great Lakes Therapy. Piece by piece, his comfortable life crumbles as he becomes caught up in a dangerous network of fraud and deception. Anxious to protect his children, he convinces their nanny - who isn’t quite what she appears to be - to take them to safety while he wrestles with just how much he can trust his "new" relatives to help.When his comfortable life is unraveled, and there is no one else to lean on, will Ben find the courage he needs to see it through and the wisdom to lean on the One who can save them all?


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